Tau Chi - 2018 Events

Typically we have two events per month, a Boys-R-Us dinner and the enfemme chapter meeting. Occasionally during the year special events are also scheduled like Elegant Ladies Night Out (an evening on the town where you can dress to the nines) and Guys and Dolls (a birth gender dressed evening at a venue where better attire is expected). Throughout the year have a mixture of events that take place at various business locations in the Houston area. Several of our dressing events are held after normal business hours and none are open to the public.

If you would like to see what we did last year, check out our 2017 calendar.
We held a couple of extra special events like a trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival and a 7 day cruise.

Below is a brief description of our plans for the year.
- The first item is our Boys-R-Us dinner.
- The second is our chapter meeting.

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Past 2018 Events
Kicking off the year Texas style we're switching it up from the last few years and had eleven members start the first Boys-R-Us of the year with bar-b-que.
We has twelve members for our annual Pledge Ceremony this month. A great reminder that the three "S"es of Tri-Ess stand for Serenity, Support and Service... to ourselves and to our sisters.

That New Year's diet is so last month. We had eleven members enjoying carbs and fun with the second Boys-R-Us of the year paired with Italian food.
What else would we plan for this month but our annual Sweetheart Dinner and rose ceremony? No sweetheart? No problem, we had thirteen members (not all couples) enjoys a great evening of sisterhood.

Before we ran out of months with an 'r' in them, we had eleven members "catch" a great time at our Boys-R-Us as we visited one of the area's best Seafood establishments.
We had twelve members join us for our meeting this month which featured a game night. With several different games to choose from, it was fun for all.

What goes with April showers? How about ten members at one of our favorite Mexican spots for our Boys-R-Us this month.
Before it gets too hot, we had sixteen members this month try out some new makeup with a personal consultation.

We had twelve members who polished off everything on your plate as we enjoyed Polish food for our Boys-R-Us this month.
Great for the gal that doesn't get out much (or any of us really), this month we had ten members enjoy a private shopping experience with an entire store to ourselves for clothing, shoe and accessory shopping.

Time to order up your favorite side of beef with ten of our members as we herded off to a local steakhouse for our Boys-R-Us this month.
It's Sew 'n Tell this month as fourteen members interacted to 'tailor' our program this month on some simple sewing tips and tricks.

You can use chopsticks or a fork, but what mattered was the company as ten members met for our Boys-R-Us this month for some fine Asian food and great conversation.
Following the clothes and makeup theme of the last few months, we had thirteen members meet at a local salon where we got some great tips and tricks on wig care and styling.

Aloha from the big island of Houston. We had twelve members grab their Hawaiian shirts for Boys-R-Us this month at our Annual potluck Luau.
A girl can never have enough sparkle and to prove it, eleven of our members got their bling this month with a jewelry making class.

We had ten members show up for some deli-cious food and companionship at our Boys-R-Us this month.
Bunco Night! We had nine members roll the dice for fun (and prizes) as we kept our ladylike composure.

Even though Oktoberfest starts in September, we had ten members celebrate with our Boys-R-Us with great company and great German food.
Our second annual Halloween costume contest didn't scare away seventeen of our members. How could it with our winner 'Wonder Woman' protecting us?

With no shortage of great Chinese food in Houston, we had eight members chow down with fun and friends at our Boys-R-Us this month.
The holiday tradition of our annual Thanksgiving dinner had twelve members risk gaining a dress size to enjoy the great support of the Tau Chi family.
As the year came to an end, twelve members gathered for our Boys-R-Us this month over warm English food on a cool December evening.
Our annual Christmas party is always one of the best meetings of the year. Fourteen members celebrated with food, gifts and great friends.