Membership Application

One of the requirements of membership is that you will be asked to complete the following membership form and pay the appropriate membership dues listed below.

For full membership in Tau Chi, a screening is required.

Don't worry about printing this form, we will provide you one to sign prior to becoming a member.

The Society for the Second Self, Inc. (Tri-Ess)
Membership Application for Tri-Ess and Tau Chi

Please check the appropriate statements:
___ I am OR ___ I am not - over eighteen (18) years of age.
___ I am OR ___ I am not - A CROSSDRESSER; defined as an individual, typically a heterosexual male, who occasionally chooses to make a social role presentation considered appropriate for persons of the opposite genetic sex, for the purpose of personal expression, without the intention of entering a program leading to sex reassignment surgery, and without attempting to attract a partner of the same genetic sex.

Note: your femme signature is satisfactory.

Date:______________________ Signature:_____________________________

Crossdresser Spouse/Partner*
Crossgender name_________________________ Preferred name______________________________
Mailing name______________________________ Mailing name______________________________
Mailing address____________________________ Mailing address____________________________
_______________________________________ _______________________________________
E-Mail address (optional)_____________________ E-Mail address (optional)_____________________
Telephone (optional)________________________ Telephone (optional)________________________
Ask for__________________________________ Ask for__________________________________
If reinstating your membership, provide previous membership number(s), if known:__________
*Joining as part of a Couple's membership_____ or as an independent Single member_____

Check your membership option: (Fees Effective January 1, 2014)

Single: __ Lifetime, $300 __ Sustaining, 2 years, $160 __ Sustaining, 1 year, $96
__ Regular, 2 years, $53 __ Regular,1 year, $30
Couple: __ Lifetime, $400 __ Sustaining, 2 years, $200 __ Sustaining, 1 year, $120
__ Regular, 2 years, $71 __ Regular,1 year, $40

Additional Family Member (adult child or parent) living at same address: ___ $10 (Please provide contact information as per above.)
Adult Child of a Crossdresser: ___ $15 (Please provide contact information as per above.)
Friend of Tri-Ess: __ 1 year, $28
Friend of Tri-Ess (Vendor/Professional): __ 1 year, $40
Scholarship fund donation: __ Platinum $100; __ Gold $50; __ Silver $25; __ Bronze $10

Don't forget to check out the Tau Chi Membership Pledge if you haven't done so already.

Or perhaps you're ready to read over the Tri Ess Bylaws and Procedures to learn more?