Tau Chi - 2016 Events

Typically we have two events per month, a Boys-R-Us dinner and the enfemme chapter meeting. Occasionally during the year special events are also scheduled like Elegant Ladies Night Out (an evening on the town where you can dress to the nines) and Guys and Dolls (a birth gender dressed evening at a venue where better attire is expected). Throughout the year have a mixture of events that take place at various business locations in the Houston area. Many of our dressing events are held after normal business hours and not open to the public.

Below is a brief description of our plans for the year. The first item in the list is our Boys-R-Us dinner, the second is our chapter meeting.
If you would like to see what we did last year, check out our 2015 calendar.

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Past 2016 Events
We broke with the tradition of enjoying the first Boys-R-Us of the year with Italian food and instead kicked off the year Texas style with eleven members rounding up for some good ole BBQ.
We had thirteen members attend the Pledge Ceremony this month. A great reminder that the three "S"es of Tri-Ess stand for Serenity, Support and Service... to ourselves and to our sisters.

As the year kicks off ten members enjoyed some Asian food for the Boys-R-Us this month. Did they 'wok' out with some new friends?
What else would we plan for this month but our annual Sweetheart Dinner and rose ceremony? No sweetheart? No problem. We had twenty four members (not 12 couples) show their appreciation for each other and this group.

We had eleven members "Catch" a great time at our Boys-R-Us this month as we dined at one of the area's best Seafood establishments.
It's not all about how you look in the clothes, but how you show them off. We had ten members for our meeting this month with instructional advice and practice on how to move like a lady.

It was so good last month, we had nine members "angling" to "catch" more seafood at our Boys-R-Us while the last name of the month still had an 'r' in it.
Sometimes it good to let your hair down and have some girl talk. We had ten members join us this month for a round table discussion on... well I guess you should've been there.

Usually our January favorite, we had eight members say 'the heck with carbs' for our Boys-R-Us this month, but any month is a great time to meet and enjoy each other's company.
No matter what your faith is, fourteen mambers had a spirited discussion on religious issues related to cross dressing. This was also a good opportunity to wear your "Sunday" dress.

We had eight members exclaim OPA! this month for Boys-R-Us featuring what else... Greek food.
What goes on your head is just as important as what goes on your body so we had fifteen members join us this month for our private visit to a wig shop.

The summer heat didn't stop thirteen members from attending our Boys-R-Us in the month 'sandwiched' in the middle of the year as we 'rye' not to 'loaf' about being in a 'pickle'?
This just in, we had fifteen members join us for our meeting this month as we feature a guest speaker on community news. Film at 11.

Aloha from the big island of Houston, we had eleven members join us for Boys-R-Us this month as we had our Annual potluck Luau.
We also had eleven members get schooled in making some bling with this month's meeting featuring jewelry making lessons.

Even though we just had Asian a few months ago we had seven members hungry to have it again for our Boys-R-Us this month as well.
We had eight members enjoy a private shopping experience at a local women's fashion store as we pretend the weather cools down in Houston this time of year. Nothing is better than being able to try before you buy!

Even though Oktoberfest starts in September, we had eight members join in the festivities and celebrate by having our Boys-R-Us featuring German food in October.
What goes through your head is just as important as what goes on it. We had fourteen members join us this month for a interactive discussion with a local relationship therapist.

Even though we took a siesta on Mexican food until this month, we still had eleven members salsa in for our Boys-R-Us this month.
We are always thankful for time spent with our sisters and this month was no exception as twenty one members gathered together and celebrated at our annual Thanksgiving dinner.

As the year comes to an end we had eighteen members gather for our Boys-R-Us this month with stories from the year past and plans for the year to come over warm English food on a cool December evening.
Our annual Christmas party is always one of the best meetings of the year with nineteen members celebrating the season with food, gifts and great friends.